Social Media Trends in 2018 That Can Achieve Your Business Objectives


Social Media is a term that covers a vast ocean and it can faze anyone. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin and the list goes on. What is the social media strategy for your business? Does it have one? Many businesses are on social media because they have been told they need a social media presence else they will be left behind.  In 2018, revisit your social media strategy. Identify your top marketing objectives and depending on that, decide on the social media channels to focus on. Let us say, for instance,you are a new makeup brand trying to compete against the behemoths like Lakme or Maybelline in India. Then Instagram as a visual medium will work perfectly for you. This might not be true for a cement company. It is better to not spread yourself thin but make the social media trends in 2018 work for you on the channels you chose.

Social Media

How Business Objectives Drive Your Social Media Tactics

Social media is not just a marketing tool it can drive brand awareness, grow revenue through lead generation, boost traffic, launch new products/services, social interactions with your customers and much more. It’s important to define your goal to analyse how your social media strategy is shaping up and how to make iterations to move forward. The goal must be clear as one strategy cannot meet multiple goals.

Maybe you are a real estate company selling super luxury apartments and your objective is to reach customers who can afford it. The best way to reach this target audience might be on Linkedin where you could target ads according to company, job title and city. Ceebros One 74 in Chennai did just that and got most of its lead this way.. 2017 has seen Linkedin matching up its advertising platform compared to Facebook and 2018 will just see it get better.  Or maybe you are launching a new product into the market. What best way to reach people than creating a buzz through word of mouth? In today’s digital world that buzz can often be created by influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing in India Will Get Bigger in 2018

This is a pretty new field in India and not many businesses have utilised it yet. Globally 90% of the companies that have used influencers have shown a successful outcome. Gone are the days of traditional advertisements. Influencers reach their audience through their blogs and social networks and have the power to influence purchasing decisions. Today, influencer marketing is rapidly gaining ground in the new age of advertisement techniques.

Colourpop in it’s 3 years of existence has built up a reputation and customer base that is unique in that it is all social media driven. The makeup brand with its super cheap yet quality lipsticks as its flagship product understood the power of Instagram and YouTube beauty gurus. These influencers become a part of the brand in their shared connection and influence over their fan base. It is not necessary to look for the macro-influencers alone with large followers, micro-influencers can speak just as well to their niche audience as they are looked on as peers.

Influencer Marketing

Personalized And Relevant Content

The one size fits all marketing strategy is passe. Targeted, personalised content is what is expected by 75% of users on social media and this type gets the most traction and time spent. Social media analytic tools are a great help in providing this data. Facebook has made a halt to the amount of content that a business can post each day, with flags that indicate that more the posts the less relevant it is to the users.

It is a good idea for all businesses to add their own blogging platform to their websites as this helps drive organic traffic from search as well. Blogging platforms like WordPress can be easily integrated into your site and content can be handed over to the experts to manage. Tools like Buzzsumo make it easier to know what content users are looking for in the keywords relevant to you.

Video Content Will Be All Pervading in 2018

In our mobile first culture, video was 90% of the content that was shared in 2017. 46% of consumers have made a purchasing decision based on videos they have seen on social networks. So, if you have not had a video strategy yet then 2018 must see you there. Use Facebook Live and Instagram Live to make exciting content. Videos need to be short and also designed for sound off to make it more adaptable to any situation.

2017 saw Instagram Stories surpass the original Snapchat stories it was modeled on. Stories are photos and videos that last just 24 hours and have more than 250 million viewers everyday. These kind of ephemeral content create the fear of ‘missing out’ and are very effective. Amazon India used Instagram stories to promote their ‘Great Indian Sale’ posting quirky visuals that didn’t seem like ads at all.  

Rethink Twitter’s Relevance

It has been a bad year for Twitter. 2017 saw the identification of many of its accounts as fake and a crackdown on bots that set these accounts up is underway. Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook have seen a big leap in their followers in 2017, while Twitter is way behind. Of course Trump with his tweets has kept Twitter relevant but in India other social media sites have stolen a march over it. It’s advertising platform needs a revamp and till then its market share will continue to drop.

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