A Killer YouTube Strategy For Your Business


Digital Marketing is on a constantly evolving curve but videos continue to hold lead position whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or the king of them all – YouTube.  5 billion videos are watched everyday on YouTube and they are not necessarily funny, entertaining videos of cats.  But what about YouTube for Business? More and more online marketers are on YouTube, in fact 87% of online marketers use video content. Creating a YouTube marketing strategy is why brands and businesses are turning to the experts.

Just publishing your video content is not enough. It needs to find the interested audience. YouTube can be intimidating for brands and even individuals. We will walk you through setting up your account and getting it running.  Here are 7 steps to getting a killer YouTube Strategy working.


1. Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Google owns YouTube, so your GMail account automatically allows you to create a YouTube channel. If you are a brand or business and using YouTube for business marketing, then it is best you create a company gmail account so that it can be accessed by multiple people. Once you have created this account, come over to YouTube and follow these steps

  • You need to set up a ‘Brand Account’ so that you have more editing permissions and a holistic online presence. Sign in and click on ‘My Channel’ in the menu.
  • First select ‘Business name or Other’ option and enter the Name you want your videos to appear under. This can be edited at any time so don’t worry about getting it wrong. Once done, hit ‘Create’ and you are done. Oh, no, not yet! There is a bit more you need to do.
  • You need to customize your channel’s looks and that can be done through the ‘Edit Layout’. Add a channel icon – a company logo or a head shot if you are an individual. Also add a channel art to give that oomph to your channel.
  • In the ‘About‘ section, add your company profile, email and links to your social media channels and website. Your company description needs to carry the keywords that you want Google to categorize you under.

And you are done! You can even get a customized Youtube URL if you have done all the above and your channel is more than 30 days old. You are now ready to upload those videos.

2. Optimize Your Videos For SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. And Google itself promotes Youtube on its search results. Recall the thumbnail pics with a description that comes up when you search for something on Google. It makes sense then to optimize your videos. To do that follow these steps

  • Title – This is what viewers will see first when they are scrolling through related content. So make it compelling and include the most important keyword at the start. Keep it to 60 characters so that it does not get cut off.
  • Description – The first 100 characters are important as after that, the rest is hidden within a ‘Show more’. Make your description interesting and engaging so that viewers will click to watch your video. Include the video transcript as a text since it will include a lot of keywords.
  • Tags – Add your main keywords as tags so that it can be associated with other similar videos. This will broaden the reach of your video.
  • Category – After you upload your video, add a category under ‘Advance setting’. This is important to group it under similar videos. 
  • Thumbnail – This is the visual that will appear when viewers are scrolling through a set of video results. Put your best picture forward as a thumbnail so that you get more clicks. To upload thumbnails, you will need to verify your account. So get that done first. 
  • Cards –  Your card or end screens will usually have your call to action. To add a card, head to ‘ Video Manager‘ and add a card. Once created, drag it to where you want it to appear in your video. This allows your brand to promote up to 4 elements. This can be another related video, your website, an app or a playlist.

 3. Decide On the Content

Music videos, pranks, funny animals, gaming videos and more are the top content viewed on YouTube. So where does it leave brands and businesses who don’t fit into these popular types of video content? Here’s where lean-back content comes into play. Most people watch videos not just for entertainment but also for information and this can run over a longer time. Look at the views the TED talks garner! Product reviews are another popular type in this genre as well as the how-to video content. Look at what others in your business or interest group are posting to get an idea of what works. Apart from these, here are a few more you can consider using to create YouTube videos for your business

Event videos – These are a great source to show the excitement of the crowd and to build up buzz over a launch

Video Blogs – Take some important tips from a blog that you have posted elsewhere and add a few exciting slides with the content  as prominent text on it. This is an easy source to create a video. Link it back to your blog.

YouTube Live – Stream live events. These unfiltered content get people commenting and are easily done from your mobile.

Thought Leader Interviews – These are popular content and help to position your company as an authority in that niche.

Customer Testimonials – Get a short interview with a satisfied customer to build credibility for your product or service

Identify Trending Search Terms – This is one good tip to put out content that will come up when people use the search terms that are trending on YouTube.

4. Be Consistent

There is no point of having a video channel if you are going to post once in a rare while. It is always best to fix a day on which you will post so that the community you have built will know when to expect a new post.It would be good to consider building an ongoing series with a definite programming schedule. Remember that volume always wins and more the videos the community. This consistency is a hard one to keep to but it does pay dividends. This  is why many companies hire digital marketing agencies to maintain their YouTube business marketing strategy.

5. Add Subtitles For Your Video Always

The one big advance in video technology is the ability to add subtitles easily. Do remember that most people watch videos in public so the chances of a video being skipped if the sound is off is very high. This is a statistic that both Facebook and YouTube realize and why most videos unless they are music videos need to be still understandable without the sound. So remove the barrier of silence by ensuring your videos have subtitles.

6. Promote Your Content With Paid Media

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube everyday. Getting people to find your content might not be the easiest of tasks even if you have optimized it for search and the content is really useful. Promoted content can help bring you into the limelight quickly. YouTube ad service is called ‘TrueView in-stream’ and you must have noticed them. Those skipable pre-roll ads that play before the actual video starts as well as those thumbnails and text that appear on YouTube watch pages and the search results of both YouTube and Google. One tip, if you are going to use paid media, put in your best content in the first 5 seconds, that’s all the time you have to get people to decide to click or not.

7. Amplify With Social

Video content on Facebook and other social media sites hog the giant share of views. If you want more viewership then don’t forget to promote your YouTube Business videos on all your social pages. YouTube actively encourages this and even provides you with a short URL you can use for promotions on other channels. And don’t forget to ask for feedback and respond to comments immediately, building a community takes a lot of sustained, consistent effort.


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